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DVD Guitar Lessons – Learn and Master Guitar

This is one of the top guitar lesson courses available today. We are proud to offer this award winning program in our guitar lessons store! Not only because of the excellence of the course, but the trustworthy nature of the company that produced it. Keep in mind that if you buy this course and are not completely satisfied, you can request and receive 100% or your money back. But the better guarantee is that you will learn to play the guitar with this step-by-step, clearly designed set of 20 DVDs and the corresponding CDs, as well as printed materials. This course has it all!

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Here are some guitar lessons that we’ve reviewed and can heartily recommend to anyone intersted learning to play the guitar (or for those looking for beginner guitar lessons to give as a gift). While we are more focussed on guitar for beginners, we’ve added a great course for intermediate Jazz guitar lessons. There are four categories for these lessons: Courses on DVD, CD, Online or Jazz guitar lessons. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 (and 4)!

  1. DVD Guitar Lessons: Excellent program for beginners with an engaging teacher (Steve Krenz) and tons of bonuses. Read more…
  2. Interactive CD Guitar Lessons: Choose from beginner guitar or intermediate jazz guitar with Chris Standring! Read more...
  3. Online Guitar Lessons: Very popular beginner online guitar lesson courses, such as those from Jamorama – compared with other guitar courses. Read more…
  4. Learn Jazz Guitar – Discover how to play jazz guitar with no restrictions! Learn to play virtually anything you hear (for intermediate guitar players)! Read more…

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For beginner guitar players looking for guitar lessons or books about guitar chords and easy guitar songs, we’ve added this store as a resource for you.

We’ve got some recommendations about the following products:

* Guitar Chord Books
* Guitar Song Books
* Guitars and Guitar Accessories

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