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DVD Guitar Lessons – Learn and Master Guitar

This is one of the top guitar lesson courses available today. We are proud to offer this award winning program in our guitar lessons store! Not only because of the excellence of the course, but the trustworthy nature of the company that produced it. Keep in mind that if you buy this course and are not completely satisfied, you can request and receive 100% or your money back. But the better guarantee is that you will learn to play the guitar with this step-by-step, clearly designed set of 20 DVDs and the corresponding CDs, as well as printed materials. This course has it all!

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Here are some guitar lessons that we’ve reviewed and can heartily recommend to anyone intersted learning to play the guitar (or for those looking for beginner guitar lessons to give as a gift). While we are more focussed on guitar for beginners, we’ve added a great course for intermediate Jazz guitar lessons. There are four categories for these lessons: Courses on DVD, CD, Online or Jazz guitar lessons. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 (and 4)!

  1. DVD Guitar Lessons: Excellent program for beginners with an engaging teacher (Steve Krenz) and tons of bonuses. Read more…
  2. Interactive CD Guitar Lessons: Choose from beginner guitar or intermediate jazz guitar with Chris Standring! Read more...
  3. Online Guitar Lessons: Very popular beginner online guitar lesson courses, such as those from Jamorama – compared with other guitar courses. Read more…
  4. Learn Jazz Guitar – Discover how to play jazz guitar with no restrictions! Learn to play virtually anything you hear (for intermediate guitar players)! Read more…

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Disclosure: We do not accept advertising and the opinions expressed here are our own. We are not paid to write our reviews or to give our opinions. We will be compensated if you purchase a product described here through one of our links but we in no way allow that to impact our reviews.
guitar-or-piano-decisionMaybe you are trying to decide whether to take guitar lessons or piano lessons. It can be a difficult decision. Sometimes the type of music you want to learn can help you decide. For example, if you find that many songs you really love listening to often have piano music in them, you may want to try some piano lessons first.

If you find that you prefer songs or bands whose music has lots of guitar sounds as the basis of their songs, then go with guitar lessons.

It’s not like you can make a mistake here! There isn’t one right answer to this…many people learn to play one instrument and then find that learning a second one is not too hard to do. In my own experience, I learned to play piano first. I like playing the piano, though I am really not that good at it. It gave me a basis for reading music (which helped for singing in chorus or other music groups). I still play piano, but I want to talk about some of the reasons I like playing guitar more.

When I learned to play the guitar, it just was easier for me. I was able to improvise and was able to not get hung up in reading music and sharps and flats and all those things that you have to know to play the piano. I was able to learn to play chords and strum, which at first was enough. And the chords I learned were the same in many songs, so I didn’t feel I was stuck with having to learn something new all the time. Also, practicing the guitar was really more fun – and I could do it alone in my room with no one listening. It’s hard to be private while playing a piano!

Another great thing about learning to play guitar was it helped develop my ability to play by ear. When I heard a song I liked, I would sit down and try to figure out the chords – often I could play a new song in a few minutes. I never could quite get good at playing the piano by ear!

I would buy song books to learn more chords and songs. I also was lucky to have some private lessons. The benefit there was that my teacher taught me songs I wouldn’t have found in books. She also taught me finger picking – which is my favorite thing about playing guitar.

When I learned to play the guitar there was no Internet, no DVD players (yes it was the dark ages…) and the only options for learning were books or private lessons. Today, the choices are amazing and affordable. Why, come to think of it, you may not have to choose guitar or piano – you may be able to decide to learn both!

I’ll still sit down at a piano and attempt to play (and I still enjoy it). But the guitar was the thing that I was able to go a bit farther with (even playing in several groups and performing for others). Oh yeah, and I am a guitar teacher, too.

So, think about the type of music you really like or would like to play before you make your decision about learning to play guitar or piano. Also, consider the expense of buying or renting a piano vs. buying a guitar. I’m sure you already know that beginner guitars are not all that costly.

I have been looking at guitar lessons for beginners (and some piano lesson courses, too). This one company has impressed me the most (Legacy Learning Systems). Their Learn and Master guitar lessons, piano lessons, ballroom dance lessons, and drum lessons are very high quality. Probably the best you can get (with more features than any other course I’ve read about). They even have a course for homeschool teachers which helps them plan the lessons for 2 school years.

I could show you pictures of their courses but I’ll let you go look at what they say on their website - they have so much information that explains their DVDs, workbooks, CDs and all the other great things that come with purchasing their products.

Check them out here – Learn and Master (guitar, piano, etc.) they have a buyer’s guarantee (100% satisfaction or your money back). If you were going to try beginner guitar lessons, piano, dance, or drum lessons, I am sure you won’t be disappointed with Learn and Master’s courses. The best things is, making any decision to learn an instrument or to dance is a good one! Go – learn – now!

Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar

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