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Ok, first I want to say something to all of you that will have time off from school for the Summer. Think about this… you get a guitar and some lessons, you practice all Summer. And, when you go back to school your answer to the question, “What did you do this Summer?” won’t be “Nothing.” This time you could answer, “I learned to play the guitar!

Now, that will impress your friends, your teachers, your parents – it will even impress yourself! And I want to recommend a great course (which will save you the money it would cost to hire a private teacher). I also recommend this course because it comes on DVDs and that can be easier to use than having to log into a website to get video downloads. The course is called Learn and Master Guitar (read our short review about guitar lessons on DVDs vs. Online Lessons). The Learn and Master course will help you learn either acoustic or electric guitar. Another thing you can do is get some inspiration from watching other guitar players. That is the whole purpose of this site (Guitar Lessons For Beginners) that you are visiting right now (and we appreciate your visiting, too). There are some great guitar players on video right here for you to learn from.

So, you probably doubt that you could learn to play the guitar in just one Summer. But, you really could – some people learn to play in just days. An entire Summer would give you time to buy a guitar, buy the lessons, start learning and there would still be plenty of time to practice and get pretty good at playing.

Now, I’ve got a message for parents. You might worry every summer about keeping your kids interested in something besides TV and video games (or just sleeping all day). I hope you will consider helping your child get a guitar course to encourage them to use their time off from school to learn something really awesome that will be of value to them for their entire life. In fact, there is no reason that parents can’t “borrow” the lessons and learn to play guitar, too! Maybe you could come up with some incentive, such as have certain chores that must be done each day for your kids to earn the privilege or a reward such as a guitar or a guitar course. Also, for parents or grandparents that might consider “financing” the guitar lessons – there is a risk free 60 day guarantee (it isn’t even in fine print).

I just want to tell everyone how great it is that when I was young, my parents helped me get guitar lessons and it’s still the best thing I ever learned and the best thing I ever did – I am so glad I am a guitar player! One last thing to think about – this Summer, become a guitar player. Who knows, you might form a band over the next year and have gigs to play next Summer!

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Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar
Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar

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Tags: DVDs, Guitar Lessons for Beginners, Learn and Master Guitar, learn guitar, lessons, review, summer, summertime

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