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The way to learn finger style guitar, also known as finger picking, is through tuition and practice. There is no other way. For More Detail Go To:, not just tuition, but visual teaching: you can’t learn finger style from a book in the way that you can learn to play chords. Finger style requires proper teaching and lots of practice.

In finger style you use the fingers of your right hand to pluck the strings individually rather than using a plectrum (or pick). The usual rules apply here: you are assumed to be right handed. It is not only folk or classical guitarists that use finger style: some of the best rock guitarists also learned this including Eric Clapton. Jim Hendrix even learned ‘tooth-picking’, which gives a different meaning to the word ‘toothpick’!

One of the benefits of learning this style of guitar playing is that you open up a whole host of possibilities for yourself, no matter what style of guitar you play. Ask any bass guitarist: they use this style all the time! Finger style lessons teach you a core playing style that will never leave you. You will benefit from it no matter what kind of guitar you play, and will also help you to understand more about the instrument you are playing.

Although finger style appears to be a style in itself, there are many techniques involved in playing guitar this way. There are many positions and patterns involved, and there are also the two major styles, miles apart in the eyes of those less aware of how similar they are: folk and classical. There is also Spanish guitar which is a mix between strumming and finger style.

When you see a great finger style guitarist at work you have to wonder how they learned to play like that. It looks impressive and sounds fabulous when done properly, and obviously you don’t learn how to play like that just by reading about it. For More Detail go to: In fact, it takes a lot of work – hard work. It isn’t easy to teach and even less easy to learn. So how do you learn? As stated in the first paragraph, through demonstration.

The obvious means of demonstration, other than having a private tutor, is by means of a DVD on which the techniques needed to play can be demonstrated. This is a particularly useful medium in that a DVD can be replayed as often as needed and also played in slow motion: as slow as needed to see exactly what your teacher is doing. It could be argued that a DVD is possibly even more useful than a live demonstration, since you play the DVD over and over again until you have perfected the technique.

If there is one thing about finger style, it is that you have to practice time and time again until your fingers can do the job without thought. And if you think I am joking about your fingers thinking, it could be argued that they do. There is such a thing as ‘muscle memory’, when certain of your muscles can carry out certain movements without you having to consciously carry them out.

One example is brushing or combing your hair. You do that without conscious thought because your muscles know what to do. Watch a violinist or flautists: they are not thinking about their finger movements. That is muscle memory. Finger style is another: it takes practice and that practice is best carried out by following a video that shows you exactly what you should be dong.

You can purchase videos teaching this style of guitar playing, or you could join an online membership site. The advantage of a membership site is that you can not only access it as many times as you want, as you can with a DVD but it is updated regularly with new material. Not only that, but you can probably find more than one guitar teacher on these sites that you can use, and change to that you prefer.

There are few doubts that if you want to learn finger style guitar, an online membership site is your best bet, followed closely by a good DVD. It is very much a visual style of teaching that is required for this type of guitar playing, and if you get it right then your playing will be spectacular. Finger style is not restricted to classical and country, but also many heavy metal and rock guitarist are adept finger style players.

Finger style guitar is impressive, so if you want to learn finger style guitar then find the best finger style learning system that suits you. For some it will be DVD but most should opt for a membership site that offers them much more variety and many more options of styles and teachers.


Tuning DADGAD – Capo IV (Lakewood M-54 Custom) no effects addeded.
Caro mio ben remains one of the most popular Italian songs from the late 18th century.Giuseppe Giordani composed this one and my interpretation was inspired by Franco Morone Italian Fingerstyle Guitar.I hope you enjoy it.
All the best

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TAB AVAILABLE, READ ON…In my early 20′s I was heavy into Pink Floyd, here are a couple I still remember, back to back. I’ve tabbed them up already for all you tab junkies…

Sheet music available at:


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