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I wanted to take a break and listen to some music. I found some free blues tunes on MP3s that you can download. I thought I would find them to be really amateur or bad, but they were pretty good! Here is where I got the royalty free blues music MP3 downloads. I checked them out to see what guitar techniques they might use.

First I listened to Matt’s Blues and I liked it! It was a little more bouncy than I usually like, but still entertaining. I made a point of listening to the guitar on this MP3.

Next I listened to Porch Blues – this was really good with the harmonica and piano. This is a more laid-back kind of blues song. Nice and relaxing.

There are a couple more on that page. I think I liked the 2nd pretty much, too. It had some good acoustic guitar. It was a little on the sad side, buy then it IS the blues!

I also checked out the Rock music page – some of those were good! (I liked beat and the guitar on the one called Cold Funk).

These free downloads are actually free to use in a soundtrack (if you create videos). So, check them out if you are producing something you need music for. Or just listen them and take a break like I did.



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