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Whether you are shopping for a holiday present, a birthday gift, or just because you want a new guitar, here are some suggested places to look for guitars and accessories.

A great resource is Guitar Center where you will find some fine guitars (I saw an awesome acoustic-electric Martin for sale!) and they have Epiphone, Dean, Fender, Ibanez and a ton of other brands:

The Best Gear and the Best Deals -

Musician’s Friend is just that – a really good friend when you need guitars and gear. There are some deals and rebates to be found – or just do what I do – go drool over the stuff you wish you could buy! Just because they have some great Gibson guitars you are not limited in your selection, you can actually buy other brands there too.

Low Priced Gibson Guitars at   

Music123 has the most comprehensive price guarantee in the industry.Their selection is great and it’s a cool website to buy acoustic or electric guitars and accessories, plus books, videos, and other instruments.  If you find a better price than theirs, click on their “Beat this Price” link which is beside every one of their products.

Or… check out their Music123 Outlet for deeply discounted prices (and these are not junk products, some really awesome high-end stuff have their prices marked down). There are also refurbished items, items with a slight blemish (scratch ‘n dent), and products that have been discontinued by the manufacturers.

Extreme Savings + Free Shipping at

Another place to look and compare prices is at Amazon. I set up a store there with a friend that you can see some of  the guitars for sale: GuitarEditions Amazon Store.

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I saw one of those “no child left behind” bumper stickers yesterday. It made me wish there was a “no guitar student left behind” program. I think it is sad that the public schools don’t offer more classes in the visual arts or music. Since those were my favorite subjects, I wanted to have the best instruction in music and art. My teachers for those subjects were not happy campers – their programs were always at the bottom of the list when it came to funding (since a lot of emphasis was put on science and math).

I think the schools don’t understand that many people actually make a living in the arts – especially the visual arts and graphic design. I know some musicians can make it too. Sure, not all of them become household names or famous stars. But there are recording arts jobs that don’t require you to be famous – studio musicians, sound engineers, etc. Seems like the “traditional” education systems in America just don’t understand or support creative people.

That leads me to why I think anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar should have as much support as possible. I was lucky to have support (from parents and a little bit of help from music teachers). For those who don’t get encouragement for learning to play an instrument – now there is the world wide web! The Internet isn’t as good as a one-on-one, face-to-face meeting with a mentor or teacher, but it will have to do for many beginner guitar players.

This blog is here to help, too. I not only am trying to get people to stop putting off learning to play the guitar, but I am also trying to get homeschooling teachers (and possibly other teachers) to get really good guitar lessons for their students. There are courses available for anyone to teach – no guitar skills are necessary. So, a music teacher could be an expert trumpeter and still teach this course (because of the teacher’s guide that gives them a clear picture of what to teach and when to teach it).  So, if you think your teacher needs to add guitar lessons to the course curriculum, tell them to look at this review: Gibson’ Learn and Master Guitar – Homeschool Edition.

And I just found out that anyone who bought the regular course – Learn and Master Guitar – can upgrade to the Homeschool Edition for a very low price – $29.99 (the same goes for the Piano course, except that upgrade only costs $24.99). The upgrades will get you the 68 pg. Teachers Guidebook (with a 2-year scope and sequence). In addition, there are 2 Teacher Resource DVDs in the guitar edition and 1 in the piano.

And here is a cool “secret” to saving money. If you buy the regular edition and the upgrade, you pay less than buying the full student/home school version! (upgrade info)

Here is the product link if you want to teach yourself (the regular DVD program – not the Student/Teacher edition) – also this is less expensive than the Homeschool Edition – but you can upgrade it.  Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar DVDsUpgrade to Homeschool Edition to get 68 pg. Teacher’s/Parent’s Guidebook, and 2 Teacher Resource DVDs: Upgrade Learn and Master Guitar.

Here is where you can find out more about the Guitar Lessons Homeschool Edition.

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Now those who love Jazz can learn to play Jazz guitar or learn to play what you hear. This is for intermediate guitar players who want to learn more about playing jazz on the guitar.

For the complete interactive home study jazz guitar course that guarantees super-fast results: Play Jazz Guitar includes.

  • Part One: Melody
  • Part Two: Harmony
  • Part Three: Playing over changes
  • Part Four: Phrase development

Check out the bonus free lesson that introduces this course: Play What You Hear is a revolutionary way to learn. You can buy and download these lessons or order them on CD – a nice choice for any jazz guitar student.Find out more…

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