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Positive thinking is good – but it is only a start. You must take positive action as well, if you really want to learn to play the guitar.

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One of my pet peeves is when I hear people say, “I wish I could play the guitar, but I could never be as good as you are.”  The reason that kind of statement irks me is because when someone says they “can’t” do something, they probably will never be able to do it. That is the opposite of positive thinking. On the other hand, just saying, “I really want to learn to play the guitar” is also not going to get you further along with actually becoming a guitar player. The only way your dream of being a guitar player will happen will be when you take positive action.

I know people who have put of learning to do the things they have always said they wanted to do for years and years. Wanting to and actually doing are two very different things. Put some feet on those thoughts and get going – taking the first step toward your goal is the best way to make the positive thoughts become reality.

Helping people take the first step towards learning a new skill, such a learning to play the guitar, is a very satisfying feeling – and that is why I have this blog in the first place. I don’t want to twist any arms, but I do want to encourage anyone who’s considering buying a course to learn to play the guitar. For me to say, “Just do it!” is not enough. In fact that could be a real turn off! But what I would like to say is, for anyone of any age that feels they want to achieve more in their life, that you can do some of the things you “wish” for in your life. You have to decide what priority to give to some of your dreams. If becoming a guitar player is really something you feel is a priority, then I would say, “Just do it!”

Just doing it – what does that mean? It does not mean just picking and choosing some guitar information and trying it out on your own. Without a good teacher and guidance, you will probably just get frustrated and quit. I would recommend “doing it” with a good teacher and a course that has a step-by-step plan to ensure your success. That course could be the Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar course that I write about frequently on this blog.

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar course was developed by a professional guitar teacher and a company called Legacy Learning Systems. I like to recommend this group for new guitar students because they have a long track record of success and have won many awards because of the quality of their guitar lessons. They have produced are all kinds of learning materials, including video lessons, a student book, CDs with music you can play along with, and a member’s forum to interact with other students.And, they have it all planned out for you so that you can keep track of your progress as you learn. This course can teach a total novice and it can also be useful for someone who’s learned some guitar skills either on their own or from a guitar class or other lessons or courses.

Guitar Learning System - Order Now
There are other good courses, but I am more familiar with this one, so I had to tell you about it.  So, do you REALLY want to play the guitar? Get serious, get real. Decide if you think this will be a priority for you in 2011. If it is, then don’t put it off – make the investment in time and the cost of the course – taking those positive actions will really help you get to your goal of becoming a guitar player!


Learn to Play the Guitar this Summer!

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Disclosure: We do not accept advertising and the opinions expressed here are our own. We are not paid to write our reviews or to give our opinions. We will be compensated if you purchase a product described here through one of our links but we in no way allow that to impact our reviews.

Ok, first I want to say something to all of you that will have time off from school for the Summer. Think about this… you get a guitar and some lessons, you practice all Summer. And, when you go back to school your answer to the question, “What did you do this Summer?” won’t be “Nothing.” This time you could answer, “I learned to play the guitar!

Now, that will impress your friends, your teachers, your parents – it will even impress yourself! And I want to recommend a great course (which will save you the money it would cost to hire a private teacher). I also recommend this course because it comes on DVDs and that can be easier to use than having to log into a website to get video downloads. The course is called Learn and Master Guitar (read our short review about guitar lessons on DVDs vs. Online Lessons). The Learn and Master course will help you learn either acoustic or electric guitar. Another thing you can do is get some inspiration from watching other guitar players. That is the whole purpose of this site (Guitar Lessons For Beginners) that you are visiting right now (and we appreciate your visiting, too). There are some great guitar players on video right here for you to learn from.

So, you probably doubt that you could learn to play the guitar in just one Summer. But, you really could – some people learn to play in just days. An entire Summer would give you time to buy a guitar, buy the lessons, start learning and there would still be plenty of time to practice and get pretty good at playing.

Now, I’ve got a message for parents. You might worry every summer about keeping your kids interested in something besides TV and video games (or just sleeping all day). I hope you will consider helping your child get a guitar course to encourage them to use their time off from school to learn something really awesome that will be of value to them for their entire life. In fact, there is no reason that parents can’t “borrow” the lessons and learn to play guitar, too! Maybe you could come up with some incentive, such as have certain chores that must be done each day for your kids to earn the privilege or a reward such as a guitar or a guitar course. Also, for parents or grandparents that might consider “financing” the guitar lessons – there is a risk free 60 day guarantee (it isn’t even in fine print).

I just want to tell everyone how great it is that when I was young, my parents helped me get guitar lessons and it’s still the best thing I ever learned and the best thing I ever did – I am so glad I am a guitar player! One last thing to think about – this Summer, become a guitar player. Who knows, you might form a band over the next year and have gigs to play next Summer!

To find out more about one of the best guitar lessons programs we’ve ever reviewed:

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar
Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar

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Finding The Best Way To Learn Guitar

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When it comes to learning to play an instrument, practice makes perfect. But if you don’t have the fundamentals on which to practice then there’s not much upon which to improve. Just as we take our lessons from school and incorporate them into studying so must we take the basics of playing an instrument and incorporate it into practice. Playing the guitar continues to be a popular desire of many a teenager and adult with rock and role dreams; but learning to play such an instrument requires more than hard work and natural ability. The best way to learn guitar is by seeking out the instruction of someone who is proficient in its use; the manner in which you do this can vary according to your financial and logistical needs.

For some people, the best way to learn guitar is through instructional videos that allow them to practice at times that are convenient for them. Because videos are also extremely affordable, this can be an inexpensive way to embark upon learning this instrument. The downside to the video instruction is that the material soon becomes dated. However, it may be a good way to start off your instruction.

There are books that are devoted to guitar lessons and for some this visual method is the best way to learn guitar. Just as some students learn better by the book then they do by the teacher, the same applies to learning an instrument.

But for most people, the best way to learn guitar is through a knowledgeable and experienced guitar teacher. This can mean private lessons or group instruction depending on your level of commitment and financial considerations. In either case, a person experienced in teaching guitar can observe your technique and give you hands-on instruction in order to improve your skills. For others, this commitment to another person increases their dedication to practice. If you know that you meet with your guitar teacher once a week then you may be more inclined to practice ahead of time.

Ultimately, the best way to learn guitar is to go with the method that works best for you and takes into consideration your availability, time for practice, and budget. Before long, you’ll be well on your to proficient guitar play.

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