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Certainly one of the best ways of learning how to play the guitar is by using some simple guitar songs that makes it much easier for you to comprehend guitar tablatures. Certainly there are certain benefits to be had from using easy songs to learn on guitar in order that you can play the instrument properly and these are as follows: -

1. By using an easy song a beginner is able to learn the proper pace and rhythm of a song, which makes it much easier for them to learn how to play the guitar. Often just by listening to a song a beginner will be able to make use of some of the strings and so try to associate them with the tempo and pattern of the notes being played.

2. Using such songs will provide the person with a chance to create an ear for music. Often once a person learns how to listen attentively to the music they will be able to distinguish the right note from the right tab against those that are wrong.

Certainly for any beginner the use of easy songs to learn on guitar will make a major difference to their lessons.

There are many places where you can now find information on songs, which are easy to learn on the guitar, and one great source is the Internet. Also there are a large number of books that have been written on the subject with are readily available through your local music store, bookshop or through one of the many sites providing musical information online. You could even try places like Amazon online to see what they have available.

One book that is certainly good for this purpose is “Beatles Complete”. The first reason being is that it The Beatles and the second and probably the most important is that many of their songs were composed with relatively few but very easy to play chords such as those that appear in “I saw her standing there” which only has three. Also they do have songs that contain many unorthodox chords as well such as “Michelle”. This is certainly a great way for any one to learn new chords incrementally.

So why not surf the web today and see what other “easy songs to learn on guitar” you can find and I am sure that you will be amazed with what results are returned.

Douglas Taylor


Online Music Lessons – A Good Way To Learn?

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There are many musical instruments to choose from, depending on budget and personal preference. There are also various ways to learn. The traditional way is to learn your instrument on a one to one basis with a teacher. You could also learn from a book, a CD or DVD, or online. The problem with learning from a book is that you cannot hear how the notes are supposed to sound and compare yours to them. This is especially true if you want to learn to sing. Reading about how to sing and actually hearing the notes are totally different.

Learning online, even though you might not have considered it before, has some great benefits. First of all, online learning provides a complete audio visual experience. You can see how to position your fingers on your instrument and also hear the exact note you should be aiming for. Online learning can be either free or very cheap, unlike a tutor, and you can begin your lesson whenever is convenient for you, rather than make an appointment with a tutor and have to travel to his or her house or studio.

If you are a slow learner, you can repeat the online lesson. A personal tutor normally charges an hourly rate. Some people simply cannot afford to attend lessons or travel back and forth to them, especially after paying the cost of a guitar, piano or other costly instrument. Without online lessons, they might not be able to learn at all.

Learning to play a musical instrument online might not be right for you, however. For one thing, when you have a tutor and make a mistake, your tutor will correct you. The tutor will be watching your fingering and the way you handle your instrument. He or she will also be listening to your music and you will get feedback. The online learning process is one way. If you are making a mistake, nobody is going to tell you and you might learn bad playing habits which are difficult to get rid of later.

If you decide to learn an instrument online, there are a few things you ought to know before starting. First of all, there are literally hundreds of online courses so it will be confusing to find the right one. The prices range from nothing to the price of a private tutor, but pricing is not the only consideration. The quality of the online lessons is as important as the cost, if not more so, so you should check several out before committing yourself.

A good course will include audio, video and perhaps animations too. Some also include email consultation or software to help you with your learning.

A sensible thing to do is to check out forums for your preferred instrument. For example, if you wish to learn the guitar, you can read reviews in guitar forums. Somebody might have learned online and rave about a particular course. It is handy to see what other people thought of the course you are considering and find out whether it sounds suitable for you.

Many courses also offer a money-back guarantee after 30 or 60 days, which is reassuring. This means that the course creators are very confident that you will be able to learn your instrument and they have faith in their online lessons. A course with a guarantee is preferable to one without.

You can choose from beginner or advanced lessons. Did you learn to play your instrument in school many years ago and are looking for a refresher course, or are you totally new to the world of music? This can affect which online course would suit you best.

Some people can learn with a tutor and find it hard to discipline themselves to learn online when there is not another person physically present. It depends on your individual learning style. Other people would feel more comfortable and relaxed learning from the comfort of their own house. It depends what would work for you. Perhaps you tried using a private tutor and it did not work out.

Whatever your musical preferences and style, there should be a good online course for you. Take a look at what is available and you will be surprised how many online lessons actually exist. Learning online means you can learn quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home, for a fraction of the cost you would pay a private tutor.

Kevin Sinclair


Good Songs for Guitar Beginners

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As the old adage goes, music is the language of the soul – it speaks what words cannot reveal. No wonder most people would love to hear or learn to play musical instruments such as the guitar.

Playing the guitar, in particular, is one of the best ways to express the sentiments or feelings of a person. It is also one way of expressing the artistic skill of an individual who loves music. That is why many people are enticed to learn how to play this instrument.

When somebody is playing the guitar, it is assumed that the person has taken some guitar lessons from an instructor or that he has learned to play the instrument all by himself. Whatever method of learning is employed, it is important to use the correct techniques in order to learn how to play the instrument properly.

One of the best ways of learning to play the guitar is to use some simple guitar songs that make it easier comprehend the guitar tablatures. If a person knows how to “sight read” a particular guitar song, it is easier for him to learn how to play the guitar. This is more appropriate in a higher level of expertise. Some experts assert that some guitarists have started by singing along with their favorite songs and trying to play it on the guitar as they go.

The importance of using easy guitar songs to learn how to play the instruments is broken down into different aspects. Here is the list:

1. It helps the beginner learn the proper pace and rhythm of the song.

Easy guitar songs initiate proper pacing and rhythm enabling the beginner to learn to play the guitar easier. Just by listening to the song, the beginner can easily make some use of the strings and try to associate it with the tempo and the pattern of the notes.

2. Creates an ear for music

Using easy guitar songs provides the chance to create an ear for music. Once the guitarist learns how to listen attentively, he will be able to distinguish the right note coming from the right tab from those that are wrong.

Indeed, using these easy guitar songs can really make a big difference in every beginner’s learning session. As the experts insist, it would be easier for a beginner to learn the instrument if he will use tools that are not hard to use.

Ian Williamson