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Positive thinking is good – but it is only a start. You must take positive action as well, if you really want to learn to play the guitar.

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One of my pet peeves is when I hear people say, “I wish I could play the guitar, but I could never be as good as you are.”  The reason that kind of statement irks me is because when someone says they “can’t” do something, they probably will never be able to do it. That is the opposite of positive thinking. On the other hand, just saying, “I really want to learn to play the guitar” is also not going to get you further along with actually becoming a guitar player. The only way your dream of being a guitar player will happen will be when you take positive action.

I know people who have put of learning to do the things they have always said they wanted to do for years and years. Wanting to and actually doing are two very different things. Put some feet on those thoughts and get going – taking the first step toward your goal is the best way to make the positive thoughts become reality.

Helping people take the first step towards learning a new skill, such a learning to play the guitar, is a very satisfying feeling – and that is why I have this blog in the first place. I don’t want to twist any arms, but I do want to encourage anyone who’s considering buying a course to learn to play the guitar. For me to say, “Just do it!” is not enough. In fact that could be a real turn off! But what I would like to say is, for anyone of any age that feels they want to achieve more in their life, that you can do some of the things you “wish” for in your life. You have to decide what priority to give to some of your dreams. If becoming a guitar player is really something you feel is a priority, then I would say, “Just do it!”

Just doing it – what does that mean? It does not mean just picking and choosing some guitar information and trying it out on your own. Without a good teacher and guidance, you will probably just get frustrated and quit. I would recommend “doing it” with a good teacher and a course that has a step-by-step plan to ensure your success. That course could be the Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar course that I write about frequently on this blog.

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar course was developed by a professional guitar teacher and a company called Legacy Learning Systems. I like to recommend this group for new guitar students because they have a long track record of success and have won many awards because of the quality of their guitar lessons. They have produced are all kinds of learning materials, including video lessons, a student book, CDs with music you can play along with, and a member’s forum to interact with other students.And, they have it all planned out for you so that you can keep track of your progress as you learn. This course can teach a total novice and it can also be useful for someone who’s learned some guitar skills either on their own or from a guitar class or other lessons or courses.

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There are other good courses, but I am more familiar with this one, so I had to tell you about it.  So, do you REALLY want to play the guitar? Get serious, get real. Decide if you think this will be a priority for you in 2011. If it is, then don’t put it off – make the investment in time and the cost of the course – taking those positive actions will really help you get to your goal of becoming a guitar player!

Disclosure: We do not accept advertising and the opinions expressed here are our own. We are not paid to write our reviews or to give our opinions. We will be compensated if you purchase a product described here through one of our links but we in no way allow that to impact our reviews.

I saw one of those “no child left behind” bumper stickers yesterday. It made me wish there was a “no guitar student left behind” program. I think it is sad that the public schools don’t offer more classes in the visual arts or music. Since those were my favorite subjects, I wanted to have the best instruction in music and art. My teachers for those subjects were not happy campers – their programs were always at the bottom of the list when it came to funding (since a lot of emphasis was put on science and math).

I think the schools don’t understand that many people actually make a living in the arts – especially the visual arts and graphic design. I know some musicians can make it too. Sure, not all of them become household names or famous stars. But there are recording arts jobs that don’t require you to be famous – studio musicians, sound engineers, etc. Seems like the “traditional” education systems in America just don’t understand or support creative people.

That leads me to why I think anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar should have as much support as possible. I was lucky to have support (from parents and a little bit of help from music teachers). For those who don’t get encouragement for learning to play an instrument – now there is the world wide web! The Internet isn’t as good as a one-on-one, face-to-face meeting with a mentor or teacher, but it will have to do for many beginner guitar players.

This blog is here to help, too. I not only am trying to get people to stop putting off learning to play the guitar, but I am also trying to get homeschooling teachers (and possibly other teachers) to get really good guitar lessons for their students. There are courses available for anyone to teach – no guitar skills are necessary. So, a music teacher could be an expert trumpeter and still teach this course (because of the teacher’s guide that gives them a clear picture of what to teach and when to teach it).  So, if you think your teacher needs to add guitar lessons to the course curriculum, tell them to look at this review: Gibson’ Learn and Master Guitar – Homeschool Edition.

And I just found out that anyone who bought the regular course – Learn and Master Guitar – can upgrade to the Homeschool Edition for a very low price – $29.99 (the same goes for the Piano course, except that upgrade only costs $24.99). The upgrades will get you the 68 pg. Teachers Guidebook (with a 2-year scope and sequence). In addition, there are 2 Teacher Resource DVDs in the guitar edition and 1 in the piano.

And here is a cool “secret” to saving money. If you buy the regular edition and the upgrade, you pay less than buying the full student/home school version! (upgrade info)

Here is the product link if you want to teach yourself (the regular DVD program – not the Student/Teacher edition) – also this is less expensive than the Homeschool Edition – but you can upgrade it.  Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar DVDsUpgrade to Homeschool Edition to get 68 pg. Teacher’s/Parent’s Guidebook, and 2 Teacher Resource DVDs: Upgrade Learn and Master Guitar.

Here is where you can find out more about the Guitar Lessons Homeschool Edition.

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A complete beginner to intermediate home study guitar course – Guitar Made Simple.

These Interactive CD Guitar Lessons are for beginners or for those who want to brush up their guitar playing, this excellent course with guitarist Chirs Standring will take you far. And this course is a step-by-step interactive course for learning either electric or acoustic guitar.

Guitar Lessons at Guitar Made

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