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A blog for those looking to start beginner guitar lessons written by a guitar player and guitar teacher (and a true music lover).Here’s what I think about when I consider new guitar players:

A new guitar – impressive.

Learning to change the guitar strings – essential.

Tuning the guitar for the first time – a necessity.

Being able to play the guitar – priceless!

And that is just it – there is no amount of money that can buy happiness or the pleasure that being skilled at playing an instrument can bring. But, making a small investment in guitar lessons can get a person started – or for those wanting to improve, guitar lessons can help move you further toward your goal of being better at playing the guitar. That is what this website is all about. We are here to help you get the best online guitar help, inspiration and motivation that we can offer. So, read some of the articles, or watch the videos and believe in your dream of becoming a guitar player!