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Welcome to Guitar Lessons for Beginners!

Guitar Lessons Reviews and Recommendations:

If you are a beginner guitar player or are planning to be one, please read the recommendations and mini-reviews (made by staff guitar players and teachers) at this post: Guitar Lessons for Beginners: DVDs or Online?

The information on that page will help you if you are serious about taking guitar lessons. We looked at a couple of ways to take guitar lessons and reviewed them – hope it will be helpful to those looking to learn to play guitar.

Why should it matter what we say about where to take guitar lessons? Because this site is made and owned by guitar players who just want to inspire others to learn – so go get started!

Other Areas of Interest on this Website:

Guitar or Piano Lessons – Decisions, Decisions! This article briefly looks at some reasons for chosing either beginner guitar lessons or piano lessons.

Guitar Lessons Store – NEW! – An online store for beginner guitar players with products especially for you new guitar players! We’ll be featuring guitar books, chord and song books, guitars and accessories.And we’ll make recommendations to help you find the right products for your ability level or style of playing.

Easy Guitar Songs – We are adding these slowly for those who are new guitar players to be able to have more songs that have easy chords.